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Introducing Red Light Therapy!
Seva is now offering Red Light/Near Infrared Light Therapy

What is it?

Red light therapy provides certain wavelengths of light which we naturally receive from sunlight,  that help power up cells in our bodies. This is done by acting on the mitochondria in our cells to stimulate an increase in cellular energy production (ATP)

Our lights at Seva provide both red and near-infrared wavelengths.


Improves Muscle Recovery​

Combats Inflammation

Improves Joint Health​

Decreases Pain - - Helpful for neck pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, myofascial pain, back pain, etc

Combats Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome​

Improves Skin - - Stimulates collagen production

Introducing Assisted Stretching!

You may have heard of a few places popping up in the Milwaukee area offering assisted stretching sessions. Did you know that Massage Therapists are trained in this modality? Assisted Stretching, with the help of a skilled practitioner, can help you assess your range of motion and tailor a session to help improve your joint health and flexibility.

Introducing The Pain Relief Package!

The Pain Relief Package. With all of the options Seva offers for self care, we've put together a package that allows you to try a service you may have not tried before. It includes 1 60 Minute Signature Massage session with Red Light Therapy, 1 60 Minute Cupping Session and, 1 75 Minute Hot Stone Massage Session. You do not need to see the same Massage Therapist for all sessions in your package. This new package will be offered at Seva's new rates for $275 ($320 value). This promotion is not available to purchase online. Simply schedule at least one of these sessions online or in person and let us know you'd like to purchase this package. The full package amount is due at the first session.

New Rates Begin April 1, 2024

Signature Massage & Mother-to-Be
30 minutes 65.
45 minutes 80.
60 minutes 95.
75 minutes 110.
90 minutes 130.

30 minutes 70.
60 minutes 95.
90 minutes 130.

Precision Neuromuscular Therapy (PNMT)

75 Minute Initial Consult 110.
45 minutes 80.
60 minutes 95.

Lymphatic Drainage
60 minutes 95.
90 minutes 130.

Reiki Therapy
60 minutes 95.

Hot Stone_ Or Warm Bamboo_Therapy

45 minutes (Upper Body Only) 80.
75 minutes 100.
90 minutes 130.

Assisted Stretching
30 minutes 55.
60 minutes 95.

Red Light Therapy
20 minutes 30.

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